Magic Gel 12ml Menthe for Women


Dose for 3 to 4 teeth whitings at home, remove the protective film then screw the spout and then press on the tube to spread the gel on the tray



Magic Gel 12ml speeds up the process and maximizes effects in just 2 x 30 minutes
The tube is provided with a long beak to allow the deposit of the gel on the tray, it is easily kept cool, dry and protected from light. Recommended temperature between 2 ° C and 20 ° C. Thanks to its opaque envelope unlike the classic syringe that leaves the gel in contact with light, the Magic Gel Tube keeps the effectiveness of the gel until its use. In addition, the tube is equipped with a hermetic cap to keep the gel in the best conditions. Also, the latest Magic Gel is compatible with all lamps, it increases the capacity of the device to whiten the teeth and optimizes the lamp.

Dose for 3 to 4 teeth whitening at home

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