Magic Personal

What is the magic personal?

The ultimate box for home teeth whitening.

7 LEDs blue light technology that speeds up the process of tooth whitening. Result visible from the first session of 30 minutes. In addition, the device is equipped with a vibrating motor of 20,000 pulsations per minute which distributes the gel uniformly and reinforces the cleaning action of the gel. Indeed, our latest foaming gel, able to penetrate the natural channels of enamel without damaging it and without altering it, cleans the deep spots. This allows to whiten the inner part of the enamel according to the pigmentation of the tooth and according to the origin of the individual: European, Asian, African. This deep cleaning technique instantly provides a natural whiteness. In addition, the gel complies with European standards (EU Regulation No. 1223/2009) and is clinically tested and approved without sensitivity.

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