Magic White 24K GOLD

Benefits of 24K Gold Teeth Whitening Syringes

  1. 24K Gold has bacteriostatic properties that help control oil bacteria
  2. 24K Gold is most gentle for teeth and helps with sensitivity
  3. Most Luxurious Teeth Whitening Gel. It is very expensive and the favorite of celebrities and wealthy world wide
  4. Each syringe contains approximately 0.06 Carats of 24K Gold
  5. Gold has been used by Dentists, as it s the most biocompatible mineral on earth


  • Keep out of reach of children under 12 years of age
  • Avoid swallowing the cosmetic and avoid contact of the product with the eyes or fabric
  • Keep in the fridge
Weight0.100 kg

Only the gel 5ml, Full kit content 2 x 5ml + 2 tray + 2 wipes

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